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  1. The New iPads are Here!

    Have you seen the new iPad's Specs?

    Talk about potent!The new iPads look to be the most formidable tablets to be released into the wild.

    If getting your hands on these devices is the priority, then maintaining and protecting them better be next on the list. . This is why ITSKINS has developed a series of cases that fit the bill perfectly...

    ipad concert

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  2. FULL STEAM AHEAD! - Back to full production capacity

    We’ve all been through some tough times. But we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The way the team here at ITSKINS used the time during this period will enable us to come back stronger than ever.

    As I see it, we had 2 options: cross our fingers and sit tight, or work as a team to eliminate our weak points, adapt to new ideas, and grow stronger to increase our lead.

    Like I always tell my daughters « PAIN IS TEMPORARY. QUITTING LAST

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  3. Finally, a climate-positive phone case

    Over 1 billion phone cases are made every year. The vast majority are made of petroleum-based plastics. At the end of their useful life they will end up in our landfills. Once there they will take up to 1000 years to break down, leaching CO2 into the atmosphere as they do.

    At ITSKINS we are in a unique position to develop solutions.

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