Protecting the environment with our cases


Our cases are designed for extreme protection. They’re carried by extreme
sports professionals and enthusiasts, out in the snow, the forests, the
mountains, the deserts, the jungles. Wherever you are adventuring,
ITSKINS is there, protecting your devices.

We also want to protect and sustain the environment where so many of your
adventures happen. We want our children, and their children, to experience
the same thrills of discovering nature and finding their limits.

Zero impact
& zero waste

Our ideal is zero impact and zero waste. We’re working towards it. We’re adopting sustainability technology and techniques as they become available.

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We can do this better than just about any other case manufacturer because we own and run our own manufacturing facility.
We can control everything that goes in, everything that happens inside, and everything that leaves the factory.
It lets us do obvious things, like installing air and water filters. They’re obvious, but many factories don’t have them. Their workers and the environment suffer from outpourings of polluted air and waste water.

For us, providing the best conditions we can for our people working on the production floor and always working towards zero waste leaving the factory is ingrained in our values.
Beyond air and water, we also recycle in-house. We have installed dedicated machinery for processing residual materials, moving us closer to reaching our goal of zero waste.

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air and water

air and water
Give back to the environment


Some waste can have a second life.
Our packaging is an example of this.

We build the packaging out of recycled plastic and paper materials.
We print it with vegetable based inks. They’re non-toxic.


The case for compost

Our latest products, the FERONIABIO range, push sustainability even further.

The cases are made from plant-based biopolymers and we ensure a tree is planted for every case you buy, offsetting their production and transport, making them carbon neutral. And the cases are biodegradable and fully compostable.
Delivered to you in our recycled packaging, if they were any more sustainable they would grow on an actual tree.

carbon neutral

environmental We are proud of our FERONIABIO range, and the work we have done to reduce our impact. But we aren’t ready to stop.

We continue to find and integrate new ways to increase our sustainability and decrease our carbon footprint. We’re one of the few case brands who have the power to do this, and we’re not going to stop.